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February 16, 2009

Top 10 Things To Do To Ease Your Football Withdrawals

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Q: Dear Mr. Man,

Now that football season is over, what am I supposed to do on Sunday afternoons?

A: The soreness in the backside as you sit for three hours waiting for a game that is not coming on. The carpal tunnel syndrome that you’ve developed from clicking the remote too many times. The disappointment you feel when you turn the channel to CBS only to find the PGA Tour (not that you don’t love golf…you’re just not there yet). I know that it may seem like the end of the world, but there are plenty of activities to fill the void. Here is my Top 10 list of Things to Do To Ease Your Football Withdrwals:

10) Start going to the gym. I’m sure that you reinforced the “love handles” with the extra calories from suds and snacks that you consumed during the NFL Holiday (after all, this is what the Super Bowl really is).

9) Read a book. It can even be about football if you like, but the important thing is to read.  There are so many forms of media which can fufill the basic function of this activity, but the comfort of holding John Grisham’s The Associate or Tony Dungy’s Quiet Storm (or the book of your choosing) will ease the pain of not having your favorite team on the tube.

8 ) Catch up on the “honey-do” list. Make yourself a hero or get out of the dog house by picking a “Project of the Week”. The projects should  be small enough to complete in the same day. This will provide the same instant gratification that feeds you when your favorite team scores the winning touchdown.

7) Go Outside and Play. Isn’t that what your mother used to tell you? Run around the block, take a hike through the woods, or tune up your motorcycle and ride it until the wheels fall off. Maybe its rock-climbing, “X-treme Sports”, or you can choose your own adventure. Whatever your thing may be, get up off the couch and go play in the sunshine.

6) Do something that your kids want to do (this could be # 7).During the football season and especially the aforemention NFL Holiday, Sunday afternoon, Sunday night, Monday night (and sometimes Thursday night and Saturday afternoon) were off-limits. Admit it. You forgot the English language because you wouldn’t let anyone talk to you unless it was about football (or a cold one). Make up for that lost time by taking the kids to the arcade, the mall, or Barnes & Noble (remember #9?).

5) Karaoke. It sounds silly and it is, but if it helps create another “family moment” then it’s worth it.

4) Watch the Canadian Football League. Naaaahhh! Let’s keep moving…

3) Serve others.  This doesn’t sound cool, does it? However, the rewards are great when done with the right attitude. There are so many ways to serve. Serve in your church as a greeter. Serve in your local school teaching Junior Achievement. Serve your community by helping the underprivileged. Time Magazine had a great article last year called, “21 Ways to Serve America”  for some great ideas.(,28757,1840466,00.html )

2) Remember Your Wife (or Girlfriend). If she is not the type to watch the game with you, then at least she stuck by you as you threw down mass quantities of wings and pizza. She stuck by you as she tried to share her feelings with you and you asked, “Can it wait until a commercial”? Do something nice for her ’cause you’ve got a lot of making up to do (see #’s 3 through 10).

1) Subscribe to the NFL Channel.  24 hours of non-stop football seven days a week. Who says you have to go through withdrawals?

I could have told you Number 1 at the very start of this post, but it wouldn’t have been nearly as much fun.This Top Ten List will not make you miss football any less, but, hopefully, it will improve your life.

Man Up!

Mr. Man

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