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March 24, 2009

UBP: Things I Love About the ’70’s

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Q: Dear Mr. Man,

I found you at the Ultimate Blog Party. What kind of fun are you bringing to the party?

A: Thanks for checking in. I think it is very cool to be one of the select few “dad-bloggers” to be invited to this party comprised of mainly mom-bloggers.  Since this is a unique kind of party, I thought my contribution would be to take it back in time to the 1970’s. Here is a list of things I love from the ’70’s:

  1. You didn’t need an excuse to call someone a “Jive Turkey”.
  2. “Dynomite” wasn’t a terrorist threat.
  3. All In The Family. Brought the issue of race into my home and how to laugh at its absurdity.
  4. Afro Picks.
  5. Being able to call people “Jack”  whether that was their name or not (i.e. “What’s happenin’, Jack?”).
  6. Big Cadillacs and big collars.
  7. Purple Kool-Aid Kool Cups (frozen grape Kool-Aid in a styrofoam cup).
  8. Foxy Brown and Shaft (Watch yo’ mouth!)
  9. Every party needs a Disco Ball.
  10. I’m bringing the black Michael Jackson (sans Bubbles).
  11. How about some Jefferson Airplane?
  12. How about The Jeffersons? “Weezy?”
  13. Florida Evans and “Damn, Damn, Damn!!!”
  14. Barbarino, Horshack, Epstein, and Freddy “Boom Boom” Washington are all invited.
  15. Wolfman Jack can be the D.J.
  16. Charlie’s Angels
  17. How about “Mr. Yuk
  18. Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford, and Richard Nixon are NOT invited.
  19. I loved the “Big Wheel” and “The Green Machine”.
  20. Star Wars is really from the ’70’s.
  21. The ” ‘Mean’ Joe’ Greene” Coca-Cola commercial.
  22. The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman. I always thought they were a better match than he and Farrah. 72xrayspecad
  23. I gotta bring my “X-Ray Glasses” to the party.

I’ve gotta let my kids read this. They know nothin’ about nothin’ when it comes to this. Thanks for inviting me to the party and thank you for dropping by. I hope you will continue to “get down and have a funky good time, Jack”.

Mr. Man

Question: What is your favorite ’70’s expression, show, or memory?

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