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March 11, 2009

A Not-So-Obvious Victim of the Economy

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Note: This post is out of the norm for the topics usually discussed on this blog. However, I think today’s subject is sufficient food for thought for us all. Please read. I hope it expands your horizons as it has mine.

-Mr. Man

A friend of mine asked me to provide feedback to an open letter she wrote on Facebook about animal endangerment and neglect . This was a huge step for her because she admits her insecurity about sharing her personal thoughts with others. Initially, I was looking at the letter with an editor’s eye,  but I really began to get into the substance of the letter. Here are some excerpts (with her permission. Thanks, C.W.).

“With the current economic situation there are many people out there that are forced to make difficult decisions; whether to feed their families, pay an electric or water bill or to buy food for their animals. Unfortunately the rescues are starting to see the sad results of these difficult decisions. The past two days I’ve seen two news articles in Texas where horses (and other livestock) were so malnourished that the local law enforcement removed the animals. These two particular instances involved a large number of animals, not just one or two.

To me, it’s personal; to many of my “rescue” friends, it’s personal.

Anyone that has ever held an emaciated animal and made a promise to that animal that they do deserve better and that their life is going to change knows how personal it is.

Anyone that has ever held an animal when it took it’s last breath because there was nothing else that could be done knows how personal it is.

There are many sleepless nights, many tears shed, many thoughts of self doubt…wondering “what if”. It IS personal!”

Adi and I do not personally own any animals, so I admit, this is not a subject that I think about often. However, this letter reminded me that every living thing on earth is a product of the Creator and should be treated as such. If a person makes the choice to own animals for whatever reason, then they also must assume to responsibility to care for those animals. If you cannot care for pets or livestock, it is better to find someone who can than to allow them to suffer from neglect.


C.W. -Thank you for expanding my range of thinking on this subject. Thank you for “manning up”.

Mr. Man

Question: Hopefully I made a difference by bringing the subject of preventing animal neglect  to this blog. What are some ways that you can make a difference?

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